Legal Services 

First Nations Legal & Research Services offers Aboriginal claimant groups in Victoria  expertise in law and mediation to process  claims and to make associated agreements.

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Commencing A Claim 

Before assistance can be provided to Aboriginal groups, we must assess the potential strength of a claim within the legal framework provided by the Native Title Act 1993 (Cth)  and the Traditional Owner Settlement Act 2010 (Vic). This assessment will depend on a number of factors, including evidence for:

  • the breadth of support within the group to progress the claim

  • connection to the claim area through traditional law and custom

  • the borders of the claim area

  • any known legal impediment to the claim.

Initial applications should be made in writing  and provide as much information as possible in the areas outlined above, including a description of the members of the group.

Decisions regarding an application for assistance are open to review. For a full statement of procedures, please read our  Guidelines for Assistance to Native Title Groups


Future Acts .

Future Acts are proposed activities or developments that may affect native title. These can include 

  • Mining

  • Exploration

  • Prospecting

  • Building public infrastructure

  • Tourist resorts

  • Water licenses

  • Some lease renewals