We are pleased to offer a number of internships each year to successful applicants. Typically, interns are placed through the Aurora Project or directly through an education provider, however we are open to accepting interns outside of these pathways and encourage suitable applicants to apply.

Due to the nature of our work internships are undertaken on a full time basis and for a period of several weeks, usually somewhere between five to eight weeks. This intensive internship style allows interns to become familiar with the organisation and working in native title, while being able to work on a couple of projects through to completion.

We take interns in various disciplines including law, anthropology, history and archaeology. Legal internships are offered to students seeking placement to count towards the completion of practical legal training.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer paid internships. Internships are to be undertaken on a voluntary basis or for subject credit through an  education provider.

If you would like to apply for an internship with us, please email info@fnlrs.com.au with your CV, details of academic performance and an outline of your availability.